​Buying and Selling art with a peace of mind...
There are many ways to look at art: for the love of a specific piece, for the thrill of collecting or as a pure investment. Navigate the complexity of the art market is not always an easy task.

One very important factor that differentiates the art market from any other market is the lack of liquidity and transparency. Indeed the value of an art piece is its uniqueness and rarity, meaning there are not many ways to determine the value of a piece, apart from the auction prices. This is why the auction is an essential element around which the art market evolves.

We are an innovative and dynamic company based in Los Angeles and London specializing in offering art auction guarantees. These are guarantees for the buy/ sell of a piece of art/ decorative arts valued $10,000 + at auction and privately.

With many years of experience in the art world, our objectives are to offer our clients (being private individuals, dealers/ galleries, art funds and/or auction houses) the peace of mind of obtaining a minimum amount agreed upon in advance from the buy/ sell of a piece of art:

  •  Either as a guarantee for a price paid when buying an art piece (either in  auction or privately)

  • Or as an auction guarantee for a piece that a seller will present in auction